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Barrelhouse Bonni: Home

For Barrelhouse Bonni--piano player, writer, blues educator, activist, film producer and history presenter--blues music is a bridge between ethnic groups and generations. Her motto is PRAY FOR PEACE, WORK FOR JUSTICE, BOOGIE FOR SURVIVAL.

Bonni plays and sings her pure heart, honestly.” --Gaye Adegbalola, singer & songwriter Saffire, the Uppity Blueswomen

HELP BONNI pass on the blues to a new generation in Chicago!  She and Larry Taylor are producing a new album of his family's music for 2017!

DONATE TAX FREE to her blues project for education, recording and film The Rhythm and the Blues via Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit 501c3 arts group providing fiscal sponsorships to support the works of  individual artists .

READ BONNI's West Side Blues BLOG at Austin Weekly News. Austin is the farthest west neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago.

OakPKBonni singing